XML Exports

Every few minutes, translations are exported to XML so that you can test changes easily. This function is only enabled for some projects.

To download them, open the client version you want to download, click the language, and press the [Download translated [.xml]] button.

Place these XML files in the pokemmo/data/strings folder of your game client to see your changes in-game.

You do not need a special program to manipulate these files, but we recommend Notepad++ as a free, enhanced text editor which shows the XML file's structure and syntax.


You can reload translations in-game without having to restart the client. Using the CTRL+F5 and CTRL+F6 hotkeys will reload the theme / strings from disk.

Most windows can have their strings reloaded this way, but some (e.g. the HUD) will require a client restart to see your changes.

Testing dialogue

Use the /dialogtest <STRINGID> command for testing text. "String IDs" are found in the translated XML files.

When used out of battle, this will spawn a chat bubble above your head in the same style as an NPC.

When used in-battle, this will display the string as-if it were battle text.



When using the Editor, you can load an XML file which contains all of the ROM's dumped strings for easy referencing of the original dialogue.

To do this:

Perform a client XML dump

  1. Load the PokeMMO client with an English FireRed/Emerald ROM

  2. Open the Settings menu

  3. Navigate to the Utilities menu

  4. Run the "Dump Strings to XML" Utility

Load the XML dump into your browser

  1. Press the "Load Strings XML" button

  2. Select the dumped XML file you just generated, under pokemmo/dump/strings/strings_en.xml

Now you can type an ID into the box and see what ROM string it corresponds to.

External Tools

Term Lookups

The Microsoft Language Portal provides a searchable database of all the terms used in their products. We recommend consulting this database to see what the commonly used translations for a particular technical term are.

The Wiktionary is a dictionary which provides easy lookups of non-english words, when english is searched.