Style Guidelines


We expect all of PokeMMO's translations to maintain the same tone as the English version. For most dialogue, this means that you should use a polite tone as-if a person were speaking to you. For others, it means keeping the vulgar wordplay we write in.

The most important part of translation is properly conveying the meaning of the source. When choosing between "sticking to the original wording as much as possible" and "adapting a tone for a more natural translation", choose the latter.

Try your best to avoid overly verbose descriptions or overly technical terminology.


PokeMMO uses ROM strings for most of the dialogue in-game. These ROM strings use the most common dialect for each language in their translations.

To maintain consistency, we ask that our translators aim for the same dialects as the original ROM translations. For example, we prefer European Spanish over Latin American Spanish and French of France over Candian French translations.

Product Names and Trademarks

Do not translate trademarks held by PokeMMO or other companies/organizations. Examples include: Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, LWJGL, and others.

Placeholders, XML Entities, and String IDs

In some strings, you may see placeholder text which represents a variable sent from the game server. These are most commonly seen as {0} and {1}. Do not replace these.

XML entities are sometimes used as a substitute to UTF symbols. For example, & and . If you're using the symbol in your translation, don't change these.

In some other strings, we represent data from the ROM file as {STRING} variables. For example, {STRING_0}. Do not replace these; These are typically copyrighted terms. Instead, use the String ID lookup feature of the Editor to understand the context of the {STRING} ID and incorporate it with proper grammar.