Welcome to the PokeMMO Translation Server

PokeMMO is played by tens of thousands of people around the world in several languages thanks to our translators. With your help, PokeMMO can now become fully localized in the 5 languages we support.

Want to join in? Create an account, visit a Language's page, and Request to Join a language team with a brief overview of who you are and a sample of your translation prowess. A good sample would be a few lines from the Changelogs section of the Forums. Make sure to read our Guidelines for translation before starting.

As a participant of the PokeMMO Translation Server, you'll have access to all text elements within PokeMMO's client and website. You'll have the tools you need to view what needs to be translated, suggest translations of your own, and submit feedback on other translators' work.



Q: Do I have to apply/register to be able to translate things?

Yes, before you can translate, you'll need to register an account, then apply for a Language team.

Please note: If you want to make a small correction, you can email the error to kyu@pokemmo.eu or post it on our Forums instead.

Q: Can I translate into a new language which doesn't have a team?

We don't usually add new language teams unless they have a FireRed / Emerald translation in-progress. A client translation is not very useful when all of the dialogue is in English.

We don't host FireRed / Emerald translations on this server, but you can use the "Dump Strings" utilities in the client to extract and manipulate them.

If you have made progress on a FireRed / Emerald translation into a new language, and would like to use this website to manage client translations, press the "Contact Admin" button at the bottom of this page and request a new language team be formed.

Q: What can be translated on the PokeMMO Translation Server?

The game client and various website content. To see the full list, view the Project list.

Q: Is there a penalty if my translations are rejected?

No, but if your translations are consistently under par, your participation may come to an end.

Q: How can I chat with other translators?

Translators have access to a special subforum of the PokeMMO Forums. After your application is approved, press the "Contact Admin" button at the bottom of this page and request access.

Q: What do I do if I find text in-game/on the website which can't be translated?

Press the "Contact Admin" button at the bottom with a screenshot and an exact description of the text you can't translate.

Q: When will my translation be visible to other people?

For client translations, they will usually be updated during the next client patch. If there's a particularly egregious error or if a very large amount of the client has been translated in a short period of time, they may be pushed sooner.

For the website, typically within a few days after a translation has been reviewed and accepted.

Q: When is the translation server updated?

For client translations, around the time the Public Test Server is brought up. Sometimes a few days before. For website, usually within a few days of content changes.

All language team members are sent an email when translation server updates occur.

Q: How can I test my translations?

Please see the Tools page of the Help section.

Future Content, Rewards, Other

Q: Will I get any rewards for translating?

Translation server participation is entirely voluntary.

Q: What else will be added to the Translation Server?

Whatever we can.

Q: Who should I contact if I find a bug / problem?

E-mail kyu@pokemmo.eu or use the "Contact Admin" button at the bottom. Please include a screenshot with a brief description of the problem, and if it occurs more than once.